What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave Therapy treatment involves high –energy pressure (sound) waves to penetrate deep into a painful, debilitating area. The release of energy within the region being treated interacts with tissue, causing overall medical benefits of accelerated tissue, cell growth, analgesia and mobility restoration.

What to expect

The number of treatments vary depending on location and tissue response. Patients often feel relief after the first treatment, but typically 3-5 treatments spaced a week apart are needed for maximum benefits. Treatments last about 30 minutes. Reaction to the treatment varies depending on the person. Most patients report feeling slight discomfort which can be adjusted throughout the session to make the patient more comfortable.

Laurie Quillian, RMT

Laurie Quillian Massage Therapist Cochrane, Alberta

Laurie Quillian, RMT

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