Kristina Will is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated in 2016 with honours from the 2,200-hour course at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy. She achieved certification in Foot Reflexology with the Alberta Institute of Massage in 2016, Myofascial Cupping at Seminars for Health in 2017, and Craniosacral Therapy through Upledger Institute International in 2018. Kristina is always looking to add more modalities to her repertoire.

Since graduating she has continually gained knowledge and experience in various areas including Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, pre/postnatal and sports massage as well as a variety of other therapies. Kristina believes that massage can positively impact all clients by relieving pain, decreasing stress, promoting relaxation and helping clients become more attuned with their body, all of which promote the body’s natural ability to heal.

Kristina is passionate about helping her clients feel their best and contributing to their optimum health through a client centered focus using active listening and purposefully customizing each massage. Engaging clients in their own health care is of the utmost importance to Kristina.

Kristina has enjoyed wonderful opportunities to work with clients with various needs including those dealing with autism, mobility issues requiring the use of a walker or wheelchair, Parkinson’s and individuals recovering from injury or major illness. She has also worked with the elderly and clients dealing with dementia. In addition, she enjoys helping clients fight stress related illness by providing excellent relaxation massage treatment.

Kristina takes pride in providing massage therapy on a volunteer basis at events such as FireFit and local charity foot races. She looks forward to opportunities to help all her existing and new clients to enjoy optimum health through massage therapy.

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Kristina Will, RMT

Cochrane Massage Therapist, Kristina Will

Kristina Will, RMT