Have a Concussion?

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Dr. Janzen is a recognized Healthcare Provider of the Shift Concussion Management Program – an evidence-based educational platform for Health Professionals working with concussion patients. Dr. Janzen has been trained in concussion assessment and management techniques and can provide you with the education, care, and rehabilitation you require to get back to your daily activities. For more information, contact us at 403-932-1060.

Signs and Symptoms of Concussion:

-Head “Pressure”
-Blurred or Strained Vision
-Sensitivity to Light
-Sensitivity to Noise
-Feeling “Slowed Down”
-Feeling “In a Fog”
-Not Feeling “Right”
-Difficulty Concentrating
-Difficulty Sleeping
-Excessive Sleepiness
-Memory Problems
-Sadness, Anxiety
-Feeling More Emotional