What the heck is text neck?

Home Chiropractic Care What the heck is text neck?

Text neck is a term used to describe the injuries and pain associated with looking down at wireless devices for too long. The symptoms associated with text neck are
– Neck pain
– Back pain
– Headaches
– Shoulder pain
– Increased curvature of the spine
By constantly looking downward it places a greater amount of weight or load on your neck muscles and joints.

When your neck is in a neutral position the head weighs about 10-12 lbs. In a looking down position it can add an extra 30-40lbs of stress to the neck. Over time this extra wear and tear on the neck can lead to shortened and tight neck muscle as well as postural changes such as rounded shoulders.

At Bow River Chiropractic Clinic we see this condition on a daily basis. We can provide the necessary treatment to get you feeling better as well as give you corrective exercises to help repair some of the damage. One of the best things you can do for starters is to limit your time on mobile devices and also try to hold them close to shoulder height when looking at them.